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Your fireplace, stove or insert is the obvious focal point of your home heating system, but the venting part of that system is the unsung hero here — without a properly functioning venting system, you certainly wouldn’t be enjoying a warm and cozy fire inside of your home without billowing smoke, or worse, a fire or health hazard.

The venting system’s role is key: By confining and expelling the byproducts of combustion from your fireplace or stove, it’s protecting the people and pets in your home from toxic gases and smoke, and keeping dangerous high heat away from the combustible materials inside your walls. It may not be quite as much of an aesthetic draw as that crackling fire in your fireplace, but in the grand scheme, your chimney is the MVP.

Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians are extensively trained in building, installing, maintaining and repairing venting systems, using top of the line products. If damage or other issues are preventing your venting system from achieving peak levels of performance, we can find the problems, and make the right repairs. But that’s just a part of what we do. Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians can retrofit existing chimneys to work with new appliances (including water heaters and furnaces), build new masonry chimneys, install prefabricated chimneys and build chimney chases — whatever you need for your venting system, you can turn to us!

Masonry Chimneys

People love masonry chimneys because they’re beautiful, durable and long lasting — and at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, building masonry chimneys fot families to enjoy for decades is a priority and a passion. If you’re building your new dream home and want the dream masonry chimney to match, we can do the job. If your existing masonry chimney needs repairs in order to look and function its best, our technicians are ready to help there, too.

Prefabricated Chimneys And Chases

Since adding anything to your home — including a heating appliance and venting system — is as much an investment as it is an addition, it’s key to have the installation done right the first time. Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians regularly install prefabricated chimney systems and build beautiful and durable chases. Our aim is to consistently provide our clients with an appliance they love, a venting system that functions impeccably, and a quality installation that makes both last for a long, long time.

Ozarks Chimney Solutions can build, install or repair any venting system — contact us or click here to make an appointment with our experienced technicians!


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