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Problem: Your Fireplace Has Seen Better Days

Homeowners who diligently keep up with regular fireplace and chimney maintenance, including inspections and sweeping, can expect to get a good long life out of their heating appliance. But the need may come up, at some point or another, to replace it or make some major improvements.

Poor Design, Inefficiency And Lifespan

Although prefabricated fireplaces can last a long time, they do have a finite service life and will need to be replaced at some point. If well maintained, masonry fireplaces can function for a remarkably long time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re operating at peak performance. We often find that older masonry fireplaces were poorly designed– they can be poor heaters, losing a lot of warmth up the chimney, and they often achieve inefficient combustion levels, wasting a lot of fuel and creating considerable amounts of particle pollution. You may be able to light a fire in your old unit, but you may not be enjoying the levels of efficiency and safety we expect and, ideally, enjoy today.

Looks Matter!

Then there’s just aesthetics — a sooty, dirty and otherwise run-down fireplace can become an undesirable focal point in a room, taking an otherwise attractive space and making it look shabby.

Solution: Have Ozarks Chimney Solutions Install A New Insert!

Inserts are designed to be retrofitted into an existing fireplace space, renewing the appliance both visually and functionally. Whether they’re burning gas, wood or wood pellets, inserts are designed to achieve high levels of efficiency with low levels of pollutants — so you get more of the heat that you want and less of the things that you don’t want.

Aesthetically, inserts can bring a big boost, too. Once your insert is installed, your fireplace will have a fresh appearance, which can end up affecting the whole space in the same way the ugly stains did before.

Keep The Same Fuel, Or Change

If you’re currently burning wood in your existing fireplace and love it, you won’t have to change — Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ techs can recommend a great wood-burning insert that provides that ambiance you love, just more efficiently. If you’d rather change to a fuel that’s more convenient to use, we can recommend a gas or pellet insert that fits into your existing fireplace, bringing added ease of use. With a gas insert, you’ll simply turn your fire on and enjoy it, and turn it off when you’re ready to go out or go to bed – It doesn’t get much easier than that. With pellets, you’ll need to occasionally refill the hopper with fuel, but beyond that, the hopper will keep your fire fed and going, so long as your appliance is on.

Are you looking to improve your existing fireplace by adding a gas, wood or pellet insert? Call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 or click here — our experienced technicians can recommend and install a unit you’ll love! To shop our Gas, Wood Burning & Pellet Inserts, please click here!


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