Add Efficiency & Style With Fireplace Doors

Tempered glass fireplace doors can be a valuable addition to your appliance, in both look and function.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’re used to waiting a while after your fire has died down before safely closing your damper to prevent conditioned air loss. But by closing your fireplace doors, you can leave the damper open, as you should, without losing all that warmth up the chimney.

And although a smoking fireplace usually indicates a problem in the venting system that should be addressed with a service call, sometimes that smoke is the result of a wind-induced downdraft. If that’s the cause of your smoke problems, installing fireplace doors can help keep occasional smoke from billowing into your living space.

Then there’s aesthetics. If your fireplace is lacking in the looks department, adding fireplace doors can enhance your hearth. Choose from a wide variety of options, from simple and clean to wild and ornate. Doors can also take the focus away from sooty stains that won’t seem to come clean, making your fireplace look new with a simple, small investment.

If you’ve been thinking about adding fireplace doors or replacing old ones, Ozarks Chimney Solutions can help you find the perfect set and provide expert installation as well.

Fireplace Door Styles, Sizes And Shapes: Your Options Are Many

One of the great things about fireplaces is the ability to customize — we see fireplaces of all shapes, sizes and designs in homes around our area, and we love how the appliances put a unique stamp on the space they’re built in. Manufacturers appreciate these appliances as well, which is why they make fireplace doors to fit fireplaces of varying shapes and sizes. Whether you have an arched fireplace or a classic rectangular unit, a small and cozy fireplace or a large, stately one – we can help you find the perfect doors to complement your fireplace.

The materials and design of the doors themselves vary just as greatly. You can choose a simple design that leaves the focus on the masonry work (but still offers performance benefits), or something that features ornate and eye-grabbing metal work. You’ll also be able to choose between luxurious copper, sleek steel, bright powder-coated metal and several other materials. Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians can show you a wide variety of options and help you find the perfect doors!

We’ve Put In The Work To Find Industry-Leading Products

As much as fireplace doors vary in look, they can also vary in quality. But Ozarks Chimney Solutions has put effort toward sourcing our industry’s best-made doors, with thick tempered glass that can withstand the high heat in your fireplace for a long time, and warranties that will make you feel that much more confident in them. To shop fireplace doors, please click here.

Are you looking to have new fireplace doors installed? Call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 — our experienced technicians are ready to help!


If you know something isn’t right with your chimney or fireplace but you don’t know what it is, relax! We are experts at diagnostics and troubleshooting. We’ve got you covered when it comes to sales, installation and repair for stoves, fireplaces and inserts.

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