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We know how frustrating it is when your fireplace or stove isn’t performing correctly — whether it’s a pellet stove with a malfunctioning hopper or a wood-burning fireplace that’s billowing smoke into the room. Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians are extensively trained to live up to the company’s name, bringing solutions to those frustrating problems, quickly and efficiently.

Smoking, Weak Draft, Leaks And Other Problems: We Can Help

A poorly functioning chimney system can be the result of a lot of different factors, both big and small.

  • Your chimney might be smoking because your chimney cap is clogged and needs to be cleaned out.
  • You might be noticing a musty odor because you’re overdue for a chimney sweeping.
  • Or there might be something more serious going on.

Performance issues can trace back to an improperly-sized flue, which won’t allow proper air flow to occur, and long-term, will contribute to faster and more considerable damage to the system itself. You might have damage to your flue liner that’s allowing heat and gases to leak through to combustible building materials and your living area, and hampering the chimney’s ability to draft at the same time.

That’s why it’s worth having experienced professionals out to inspect your chimney annually – regular inspections can help keep these problems from occurring, or inform you of them before they cause extensive damage or pose considerable risk.

When we’re called to troubleshoot your chimney, we’ll search for the simplest and most likely cause of your problems first. Our technicians have dealt with a variety of chimney-related problems, and know just what to look for. If your issue is related to something simple, Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians can help you correct it quickly. If there’s a construction or installation issue that could lead to a dangerous situation — from a fire hazard to toxic carbon monoxide intrusion — we’re trained and equipped to correct it properly, to last.

User Troubleshooting: A Few Things To Look For

Performance issues aren’t always the result of damage or poor construction — sometimes they’re just a case of user practices that can be easily corrected. If you’re having draft or smoking problems, try taking a look at this list to see if any of these practices help:

  • Check your damper — If you see smoke, check to see if your damper is opened all the way — a closed damper halts venting, and a partially closed damper can cause your fire to smolder, leading to more smoke.
  • Try priming your flue — Sometimes the air in your flue is so cold that proper draft isn’t easily achieved. You can help it along by “priming” the flue — light the end of a rolled-up newspaper and hold it in the flue prior to starting your fire.
  • Crack a door or window — In order to achieve proper draft, your chimney needs combustion air — and sometimes highly-efficient windows and doors won’t let enough of that air into your home. Try opening a door or window slightly — if a lack of combustion air is your problem, this should help.
  • Keep up with annual maintenance — In many cases, a smelly, smoky chimney is just the signature of a dirty chimney. Regular sweeping removes dangerous creosote and odor, and leaves you with a clean chimney and better air flow and air quality.

If you’re experiencing problems with your chimney system and need troubleshooting, call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 — our experienced technicians can help! You can also request an appointment online by clicking here.


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