When It Comes To Tuckpointing Work – We’re The Experts!

The Problem:

If the mortar joints on your masonry chimney have begun cracking, crumbling or receding, they may be allowing moisture to easily access the chimney’s interior and the interior of your home. Not only can this cause the need for some serious restoration work, it can also undermine the structure’s integrity and may even lead to a complete tear-down and rebuild.

The Solution:

Having Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians perform tuckpointing repairs on decaying joints will return the masonry to its proper levels of structural strength and protection against water intrusion.

What Is Tuckpointing?

If you’re a homeowner — particularly if you have a brick or stone home — you’ve probably heard the term “tuckpointing” before, even if you’re not particularly inclined to research home building, masonry or repair processes. The simplest way of explaining tuckpointing: It’s the process of removing old, damaged mortar joints and replacing them with new mortar. That sounds easy enough, but the total process is actually quite involved, and it requires a lot of knowledge and skill to get it right.

To repair masonry joints, Ozarks Chimney Solutions techs will grind out the damaged mortar and create a clean, prepped groove that allows the fresh mortar material to bind and seal. We’ll select and prepare materials that are specifically designed to match the original construction in look, permeability, strength and texture, and then we’ll touch up and smooth those joints until the tuckpointed area is functionally and aesthetically as good as new.

The materials part of that process isn’t as simple as it sounds. Experienced techs don’t just grab some bricks and mortar off a rack and slap them up on a chimney. We’re trained to know and understand the materials used throughout the history of chimney construction — and how they have varied through the years, in terms of strength and permeability. Making repairs with materials that don’t work with the original construction will turn your tuckpointing work into an unfortunate visual focal point. But more importantly, it can cause greater damage to the chimney, since new bricks and new mortar will react differently than the original materials to temperature changes and moisture, and the stress created by those differing reactions can cause cracks, gaps and crumbling bricks.

Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ professionals are trained to do tuckpointing work properly, so our clients can expect repairs that are more than a simple band-aid. With Ozarks Chimney Solutions, you’re getting expert work that is designed to last.

If your damaged masonry needs tuckpointing repairs, give Ozarks Chimney Solutions a call at 870-507-0904 — our experienced technicians are ready to help!


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