Efficient Fireplace Retrofits

Homeowners decades back didn’t give as much thought to energy efficiency and clean burning as we do nowadays – people didn’t realize just how much money and energy they were wasting, and how much pollution they were putting into the environment with early fireplaces and stoves.

Today, modern technology has taken some remarkable steps forward in heating appliances. Manufacturers are creating new fireplaces and stoves, as well as fireplace retrofits, that are a full 50 percent more efficient than their older counterparts, resulting in less fuel waste, less creosote build-up, and much less particle pollution.

A more efficient appliance also allows homeowners to enjoy more heat using less fuel — so while we’re all struggling to try to do “more with less”, these home heating appliances are actually delivering on that herculean task. You’ll see the energy savings regardless of the fuel you’re using — newer wood-burning units have been shown to use a third less wood to produce the same amount of heat, and newer gas units are designed to direct ample heat into a space far more efficiently.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies and qualifies new appliances on the market that achieve high levels of energy efficiency, and here at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, we routinely install new units and retrofit old appliances with these products.

A Fireplace Retrofit: Making Your Old Fireplace Better Than New

With a fireplace retrofit, Ozarks Chimney Solutions can help you turn your old, dirty-burning fireplace into one that offers all of the efficient, clean-burning benefits of a brand new appliance. When installed properly, EPA-qualified fireplace retrofit appliances reduce pollution by as much as 70 percent. These appliances are designed to provide much more complete combustion, so you end up with less wasted, unburned wood and less byproduct buildup.

Different Retrofit Options

Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, Ozarks Chimney Solutions can recommend a fireplace retrofit approach that improves your appliance’s efficiency and better meets your particular wants and needs.

If you’re currently using a wood-burning fireplace, you can choose to continue using that fuel by having us install a wood-burning retrofit insert. If you’d rather take advantage of the convenience of gas, we can convert your existing fireplace with gas logs or a gas retrofit insert. Gas logs can help decrease your particle pollution, but if you’re really looking for an efficiency boost, our techs can install a gas retrofit unit that uses about a third of the gas and provides much more consistent zone heat.

Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can tell you all about your different fireplace retrofit options. If you’re looking to vastly improve the performance of your heating appliance, give us a call at 870-507-0904 or click here!


The chimney crown is one part of your chimney system that helps keep water out, so it needs to be in top working order. Our masonry repair technicians can fill you in on what you need to know.

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