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We like to think that expert masonry work is a mix between a craft, an art and a science. Doing it well requires a thorough understanding of the materials used, their strength and permeability, how they’ll work together and how they’ll stand up to the stresses they’ll be under continuously. It also requires a steady hand and attention to detail, so that the resulting structure is strong, able to repel moisture and designed to hold up for decades. When masonry chimneys are completed, they also enhance the home’s visual appeal, and that’s no small part of their draw.

Here at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, we take a lot of pride in our masonry work — we want our clients to enjoy a functionally-exceptional chimney, and one that they’re proud to look at every day, too. That pride makes us great at what we do.

So if there’s a problem with your chimney — whether it’s water damage, cracks that resulted from settling or mortar joints that have worn and eroded over time — trust us to bring your masonry back to where it needs to be.

Masonry Repair Services That Ozarks Chimney Solutions Can Provide

We Can Repair Or Rebuild Your Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns are an important part of your chimney’s defense against water intrusion, but they’re often improperly built — and even strong, well-designed chimney crowns can buckle under the strain of weather’s constant effects. When a chimney crown cracks or begins spalling (crumbling or flaking), it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Once water begins to get into the crown masonry, damage can very quickly get worse. Ozarks Chimney Solutions can repair cracks or damage, and if it’s needed, build a brand new chimney crown that will provide water protection for years to come.

Tuckpointing Repairs

If mortar joints begin to crack, crumble or recede, tuckpointing work is necessary in order to prevent moisture penetration and to maintain structural integrity. Ozarks Chimney Solutions’ technicians are extensively trained to do this exacting work right, making repairs that blend with the original work and hold up structurally as well.

If your masonry chimney needs repairs, call Ozarks Chimney Solutions and make an appointment with our skilled, experienced technicians! You can also request an appointment online!


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