Save Money With Off-Season Sweeping

On top of providing industry-leading service, Ozarks Chimney Solutions wants to offer our clients the best value on our services and the products we install. That includes sourcing the most durable and dependable appliances and products and providing route discounts and reduced sweeping rates during off-peak season.

When Is Peak Chimney Season?

Swimming pool technicians get a slew of opening calls as spring moves into summer and another slew of pool-closing calls as the autumn comes. Just as those folks are wrapping up their peak season, our peak season picks up. Many homeowners don’t think about their annual chimney maintenance needs until it comes time to start lighting the fireplace or stove regularly again, and that leads to a busy schedule for us and less scheduling flexibility for our clients.

That’s part of why we offer off-peak season discounts on chimney sweeping appointments. Dealing with your regular maintenance ahead of time allows you to save money, while being ready for the heating season well ahead of time. And it allows us to serve more of our clients without a peak-season backlog. You’ll get the same great service from Ozarks Chimney Solutions techs from April through August as you would during the heating season, but you’ll save time and money by scheduling while we’re less busy.

Other Benefits Of Pre-Season Sweeping

Aside from off-peak savings, having your chimney swept ahead of the heating season has some other benefits. First, you can feel comfortable using your fireplace during those random, cool early-spring or late-summer evenings, without worrying that your chimney’s draft is impeded by debris or creosote. Chimney odors related to a dirty chimney are often worse in the summer months, too, as heat and moisture contribute. It’s not uncommon to see smelly chimney problems cleared up quickly with a simple chimney sweeping, so once we leave, you can enjoy the summer without musty flue odors.

The key, overall, is to make sure your chimney is being swept regularly, whatever season that ends up being. But Ozarks Chimney Solutions would love to help keep your chimney clean with less hassle and at a lower cost!

Ready to schedule your chimney sweeping appointment? Give Ozarks Chimney Solutions a call at 870-507-0904 or request an appointment online – our experienced technicians are ready to help!


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