Protect Your System With A High-Quality Damper

To keep your flue from being an open tube to the outside world at all times, chimney systems are built with a damper. The damper is designed to block off the flue when you’re not using the heating appliance attached to it, and to keep you from wasting energy and money on conditioned air that would otherwise be lost. The damper also provides another level of protection against water intrusion, keeping any errant moisture that makes it into the flue from getting into the firebox.

Like every other part of your chimney system, the damper’s role is important, so if yours is stuck, corroded or broken, it’s important to have it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Different Types Of Dampers And Their Benefits

If you have an older chimney, odds are that your chimney was built with a throat damper, down by the smoke chamber. Throat dampers are designed with a metal plate that blocks off the flue and slides into place along a track when the damper is adjusted. A throat damper is certainly better than nothing, but its only real benefit is that it’s already there — throat dampers are far inferior to the top-sealing dampers that chimney professionals, including those at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, routinely install today.

The throat damper’s first drawback is its material — a metal plate can’t completely close off the flue opening, so you’re already losing a lot of air and energy through leakage. That plate can also rust or corrode, and since it’s placed down low in the flue, debris can fall in and get lodged around the damper, making the plate stick. We’ve also seen problems with throat damper plates coming off their track and cracking.

When a throat damper is broken or damaged, we recommend replacing it with a top-sealing damper. These are installed at the top of the flue, making them far easier (and less time-consuming and costly) to install and work with. They also close the flue opening with a gasket that provides a true seal, keeping water out and air from exchanging. Given the energy savings alone, many homeowners — particularly eco-minded ones — choose to replace even functioning old throat dampers with top-sealing ones.

If your damper is stuck or damaged, or if you’d like to increase the efficiency of your system, contact Ozarks Chimney Solutions. It’s inefficient and unsafe to have a damper that won’t open and close the way it should, and our experienced technicians can help! Call 870-507-0904, or click here to schedule an appointment!


The chase (enclosure) around your factory-built chimney needs a chase cover to keep out water and animals and debris. We do this chimney repair on a regular basis so you can count on our experience to keep your chimney system working safely and efficiently.

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