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When chimney professionals began lining chimneys — providing a vast improvement in performance and safety compared to unlined chimneys — those liners were largely made of terra cotta clay tiles. Clay served its chimney-lining purpose admirably, holding up well against the effects of heat and the acidic byproducts of combustion. But it does have its marked drawbacks. It’s not uncommon for the mortar joints between clay liner tiles to crack or erode, leaving gaps that undermine the chimney’s ability to create and sustain proper draft, and allowing the heat easier access to the chimney masonry. And while terra cotta holds up relatively well against high heat, it has its limits — if even a small amount of creosote ignites and then extinguishes, odds are the clay tiles will develop vertical cracks that will make relining the flue a necessity.

When clay tile liners need to be replaced, Ozarks Chimney Solutions generally recommends relining with a stainless steel liner. These are remarkably durable, since they don’t have mortar joints to fail, and can improve performance in a big way.

The Many Benefits Of Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Since stainless steel liners are built in a factory and undergo rigorous testing before they’re sold, you can expect a strong and durable product. Since they’re not broken up as individual tiles with weak points, voids and gaps, the chimney is able to easily achieve its optimum flow and better vent the byproducts from your fire. Then there’s the figurative flexibility — tile liners are best used with wood-burning appliances, but stainless steel liners are effective with all kinds of fuel, from wood to gas and oil. And you can rest easy knowing that you have a liner that’s meant to last — when installed by professional chimney technicians, like those at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, these liners carry a lifetime warranty.

Other Reasons For Stainless Steel Relining

Stainless steel flue liners aren’t just a go-to for replacing damaged clay tile liners. Oftentimes, when a new appliance is installed for use with an existing chimney, the chimney isn’t the right size to effectively vent the new appliance. To resize the flue and achieve proper draft, we’ll typically install a new stainless steel liner to retrofit the chimney. And since tile liners aren’t suitable with certain fuels, a change in fuel can make relining with a stainless steel liner the best choice, too.

Does your chimney need relining? Contact Ozarks Chimney Solutions — we can install a strong and durable new stainless steel liner. Call 870-507-0904 or click here to make an appointment with our experienced technicians!


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