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For a chimney system to be complete, it should have a chimney cap installed at the top of the flue. Why? Because of all that a chimney cap can do for your system!

Chimney Caps Keep Water Out

Our aim, as chimney professionals, is to give our clients the best possible protection against water intrusion in their chimney. The first piece of defense against moisture is your chimney cap. Placed up at the very top of flue, it works to directly block rain, snow and sleet from diving into what would otherwise be a wide-open flue.

Chimney Caps Keep Animals Out

Moisture isn’t the only thing the chimney cap is protecting your system from. Since your chimney is enclosed and sturdy, it looks like a wonderful home to many members of the animal kingdom, from birds and bats to squirrels and raccoons. They’re not exactly welcome new roommates, for many reasons. First there are the sounds, smells, bugs and unsanitary conditions they bring along. Then there’s the unfortunate reality that some may not be able to get out. When young or sick animals crawl or fall into your chimney and aren’t able to get up or down, they die in your chimney, creating a much bigger odor and insect issue.

Another animal-related concern to be aware of is chimney swifts. These federally-protected birds earned their name because they’re so commonly drawn to living and nesting in chimneys. But that federal protection means that once they move in, you can’t legally remove them, and neither can Ozarks Chimney Solutions. The chimney swifts will eventually leave on their own to migrate, and you’ll just have to wait them out. Once they leave, we highly recommend taking steps to prevent them from getting in again, since chimney swifts are renowned for returning to the same chimney year after year.

A chimney cap, particularly one with an animal guard, keeps all kinds of animals from moving in and setting up shop.

Chimney Caps Can Keep Wind-induced Downdrafts Out

Other chimney caps with draft inducers can help keep your chimney’s draft moving in the right direction: up and out. Wind conditions can sometimes create what’s called a wind-induced downdraft, sending air — and often smoke — down the chimney and into your living area. Draft-inducing caps can correct this issue, and Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can help you decide whether your system would benefit from one.

Chimney Caps Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

It might not be the most important point, practically speaking, but we all like to keep our home looking its best however we can. And a chimney looks a lot more complete, and a lot more attractive, when the flue is topped with a chimney cap. You’ll have several options for putting your personal touch on the chimney here, too, since chimney caps are available in a variety of different designs, looks and materials, from stainless steel to copper. Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can help you find the perfect one for you. We can also help with a variety of chimney cap accessories.

Do you need a new chimney cap installed or replaced? Call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 and make an appointment with our skilled technicians, or schedule online!


A properly-functioning damper can save you money while increasing the efficiency of your fireplace. We would be happy to talk with you about this important chimney repair service.

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