Chase Cover Installation

The chase installed around your factory-built chimney serves a dual role. First is function: It helps that chimney last longer by providing protection against the elements, keeping rain, snow and sleet away from its surface, and bolstering it against harsh winds.

The chase also has visual benefits that are well worth noting. A factory-built chimney is a simple pipe, but when it’s enclosed by a chase — finished with siding like the home, or a facade that looks like masonry — that chimney becomes a beautiful addition to your home.

Neither of those things is true, however, if your chase cover is starting to fail. A chase cover serves a role akin to the chimney crown on a masonry chimney, directing water away from the top of the flue and protecting the surfaces at the top of the chimney. A rusted and corroded chase cover, however, soon allows water to access the chimney, access the flue and, often enough, access the home’s interior.

Damaged chases also have a noticeably negative effect on a home’s curb appeal. When they break down, it’s generally in the form of rust and corrosion — and when you look up at your home, the eye is immediately drawn to the unattractive rust lines streaking down the chase cover and chase.

If you have a chimney leak, or have just noticed that you have a rusty chase cover that’s clearly past its prime, contact us — we can replace the cover and have your chase back to its functional, beautiful best.

Chase Cover Materials: You Have Options

More often than not, when Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians are called to replace a chase cover, we’re replacing a galvanized metal chase cover. While galvanized metal is the most affordable option, it doesn’t provide the most durability — we’ve seen galvanized metal begin to corrode in as few as five years. If you need shorter-term protection, galvanized metal can certainly work. But if you want something that will really last, we can talk about some other options.

Stainless steel chase covers are sleek, beautiful, and incredibly durable — we highly recommend moving up to stainless steel if you don’t want to have to deal with chase cover issues any time in the near future. Copper is another very durable choice, and although it’s generally the most pricey option, it can’t be matched for looks — when weather starts to create that unique colorful patina that you only get with copper, it’s hard to deny the beauty these chase covers add.

Do you need to have a damaged chase cover replaced? Call Ozarks Chimney Solutions today at 870-507-0904, and make an appointment with our experienced technicians! You can also request an appointment online – just click here!


Stainless steel liners for your chimney may be the best way to repair certain chimney problems. Find out if this is the best solution for you when you give us a call.

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