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Your chimney system is more than the sum of its parts — it’s a beautiful, well-loved part of your home that brings your family and friends together, and by doing its job, it keeps harmful byproducts and high heat away from you and the building materials inside your home. But the individual parts in your appliance and chimney are important to think about.

Every piece in the system performs a different, but equally important function, whether it’s protecting the chimney against water, protecting the building against heat, or allowing the flue to draft well and remove gases. When any of those parts fail, you’re left with a vulnerability that can lead to big problems: water damage, fire hazards, carbon monoxide intrusion, a smoky home, and more.

If problems arise, contact the experienced technicians at Ozarks Chimney Solutions — we can inspect the system to figure out what’s wrong, and make the proper repairs to make your chimney system whole again.

Repair Services Ozarks Chimney Solutions Can Provide

Replace Chase Covers

If a rusty or corroded chase cover is leaving your home’s exterior looking shabby — or worse, allowing rain, sleet and snow access to your flue and your home’s interior — Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can replace that cover with a durable and beautiful new one.

Chimney Stainless Steel Relining

Chimney flues may need to be relined for a variety of reasons — sometimes a new appliance necessitates a smaller flue, or a badly damaged clay tile liner may leave a chimney unable to properly function. If your chimney needs to be relined, Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can install a strong new stainless steel liner that encourages proper draft and provides the proper protection against heat and byproducts.

Replace And Install Chimney Caps & Accessories

Chimney caps undoubtedly make your home look more polished, but they’re a lot more than looks. Basic chimney caps help keep rain and debris from getting into your flue, which keeps your chimney performing better and lasting longer. Caps with animal guards are particularly well suited for keeping birds, squirrels, bats and other animals from taking up residence in your chimney. Other caps can improve draft and eliminate wind-induced down drafts. Just let us know what your needs are and we’ll find the perfect cap for you!

Install And Replace Dampers

A properly functioning chimney damper makes your home more energy efficient and adds another layer of protection against water to your system. If your current damper is damaged or stuck — or if you’re interested in boosting your energy savings with a top-sealing damper — Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can help.

For all your chimney repair needs, call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 or click here – you’ll be glad you made an appointment with our knowledgeable and experienced technicians!


Masonry repairs call for skill and expertise that you can find with the experienced technicians in our chimney and fireplace services area. Give us a call today.

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