Prevent Leaks In Your Chimney System With Ozarks’ Professional Waterproofing Services

As chimney professionals, part of our job is finding leaks and making repairs that allow a chimney to effectively fight off water. But at Ozarks Chimney Solutions, we also place a high premium on helping our clients avoid chimney leaks in the first place. That includes sourcing and installing durable products, making sure our technicians are trained in the best designs and installation practices, and educating our clients about the preventative measures they can take to keep their chimney performing as well as it can and should.

One of the most effective and budget-friendly preventative measures a homeowner can explore is having a waterproofing sealant applied to their chimney masonry. Masonry is porous, and bricks and mortar joints will absorb some water from the very beginning. But over time, as water wears at the surface, more and more moisture can begin to be absorbed, until your masonry is like a big, tall sponge, sucking rain in toward the interior of your flue and the interior of your home.

What’s So Great About A Waterproofing Sealant?

A waterproofing sealant can limit water absorption by as much as 99.9 percent (according to studies by the ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials), which helps keep out water now, and contributes to a much longer service life from your masonry. Limiting water’s access to masonry can keep joints from cracking and bricks from eroding – which means you’ll be less likely to have leaks, less likely to need tuckpointing work, and more likely to enjoy your fireplace or stove, headache-free.

How Does Waterproofing Sealant/Water Repellant Work?

Calling it a “sealant” might be a little misleading, since it probably makes you think of something like paint, covering and sealing a surface. But chimney waterproofing sealant isn’t lying on the surface of your masonry — it was designed to penetrate into the brick and mortar up to a quarter inch, and bond with the surface.

By penetrating the surface, the waterproofing sealant helps the masonry repel moisture and resist mildew, fungus, stains and efflorescence. It also protects the chimney against the freeze-thaw process, in which absorbed moisture expands then constricts, causing serious damage to bricks and joints and making them crack and crumble.

What Is The Waterproofing Application Process Like?

The whole waterproofing process will depend on the state of your masonry. If your chimney is stained, we may recommend a cleaning, since waterproofing can make those stains tough to remove later. If another waterproofing treatment has been applied prior, we may need to do some testing to see how well a new application will penetrate. But in most cases, we’ll be able to apply the sealant to the entirety of the masonry exterior, and in a few hours, your chimney will be dry and well protected.

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