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There are certain areas of your chimney system that are particularly vulnerable to water intrusion, like the surface of the chimney crown, flat “steps” on a corbelled chimney shoulder – or any other surfaces that allow water to pool and collect.

If you look at the place where the chimney meets the roofline, it’ll be pretty obvious that this particular area is a potential trouble zone — the horizontal roof and vertical chimney create angles that, if given the opportunity, would welcome water right in. That’s why we install flashing around the chimney at the roofline — it protects those seams and encourages rain to flow down the roof, toward the gutters. Unfortunately, if pieces of your flashing are missing, damaged or corroded, a leak is an almost guaranteed result.

When you call Ozarks Chimney Solutions with a leak problem, the flashing will be one of the first places we look as we’re searching for the culprit. Many leaks go unnoticed for great lengths of time, so if you happen to notice an area of flashing that’s pulled up or torn after a storm, be sure to contact us — we can fix it before water damage makes the situation worse.

How Chimney Flashing Is Designed And Installed

Flashing installation is custom work — in order to provide the proper level of coverage and protection against water intrusion, your chimney should be measured and flashing should be cut and sized specifically for your chimney.

The reason flashing works as well as it does, beyond custom sizing, is its layered design. When flashing is installed properly, you’ll have two layers of metal integrated with the roof and chimney to eliminate any weak, water-welcoming points. The first flashing layer is made of L-shaped “step flashing,” and the bottom edges of those pieces are interwoven under the roof shingles. “Counter flashing” is installed on top of the step flashing, with a top lip that’s installed directly into the mortar joint. Edges are sealed with high-performance caulk once both layers are installed, and with your finished flashing, you’ll have a strong source of protection against water.

Do you have a chimney leak? Or have you noticed damage to your flashing? Call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904 or click here  — our technicians have the training and experience to do this custom work right.


Applying a waterproofing sealant could be the best solution for your chimney leak woes. It’s effective and budget-friendly…what could be better? Call on the experienced crew at Ozarks Chimney Solutions to keep your chimney system water-tight!

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