Whatever Is Causing Your Chimney To Leak, Ozarks Chimney Solutions Can Help!

Water might be the nectar of life, but when it comes to your chimney, water is bad news. Your chimney system, whether it’s masonry or factory-built, is designed with a variety of different materials and parts that are aimed specifically at fighting off water intrusion. The reason for all of the built-in defenses is that water brings a whole bunch of things we don’t want to see in our chimneys: eroded masonry joints, rusted damper plates, mold and mildew, spalling bricks and lots of other headaches. Unfortunately, the many water-fighting materials and parts can fail, and as soon as moisture finds a weakness that it can exploit, it moves right in.

That’s when the ugly four-letter word comes into our lives: l-e-a-k. At the first sign of a chimney leak, contact Ozarks Chimney Solutions — our technicians are trained to find the problems that are contributing to your leak and make the proper repairs to stop it. This can include cracked chimney crown repair, chimney cap replacement or tuckpointing work — whatever your chimney needs, we can take care of it.

Ozarks Chimney Solutions Can Help Protect Your Chimney Against Water

From repairs to preventative measures, if you need help protecting your chimney against water intrusion, our technicians can help. Just a few of the many jobs we can do for you:

Applying Waterproofing Sealant

Leaks that start with the chimney masonry itself — as eroded bricks and mortar begin to absorb water and pull it straight into the chimney interior — are all too common. Ozarks Chimney Solutions can help arm your masonry’s exterior against this kind of damage by applying a waterproofing sealant that’s specifically designed for use on chimneys, protecting exterior masonry from moisture without negatively affecting its ability to vent moisture from the interior out.

Flashing Installation And Repair

The seams between your chimney and the roofline are protected by metal flashing, which is installed all the way around in layers, and supported further by high-performance caulk. If your flashing is damaged, leaks are sure to follow. But don’t worry – our experienced techs can repair and install custom flashing that will keep water out for the long haul.

If you have a leak — or would like to protect your chimney to prevent one — give Ozarks Chimney Solutions a call at 870-507-0904 or click here to schedule an appointment online. Our technicians are here to help you and your chimney keep water out!


An annual chimney sweeping will go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe while you enjoy your fireplace or stove. Ask us about this simple but important chimney service soon.



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