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For many years, professional chimney sweeps largely relied on mirrors and powerful flashlights — along with experience and instinct — to inspect a chimney system. If the chimney in question hasn’t changed at all — there’s been no major damage, no chimney fire, the appliance is still the same, and is still burning the same fuel — a skilled chimney sweep can get a pretty detailed look at the appliance and flue the old-fashioned way. But many situations make a closer look important and necessary.

The best inspection tool in a professional chimney technician’s arsenal nowadays is our specially-designed video chimney scan camera system. A chimney scan camera allows us to go all the way into and through the flue — even moving through bends and offsets — to capture detailed images of the flue liner and other surfaces. At the end of a chimney scan, we have highly-defined visuals to study and use to locate even well-hidden problems. And we will share these findings with you, so you’ll have a clear understanding of the state of your system, too.

When Would A Chimney Scan Be Recommended?

If you’re a new Ozarks Chimney Solutions customer, we’ll recommend a chimney scan so that we can have the clearest understanding of your system possible, and through it, be well armed to provide the most effective care. A chimney scan isn’t necessarily needed every year, but it provides the strongest place to start from.

When there’s been a change to your system — perhaps you’ve converted to gas using gas logs, added a new appliance or relined the flue — we’ll recommend a chimney scan then as well.

It’s also necessary to have a chimney scan done during a real estate inspection. If you’re buying a home that has a fireplace or stove and chimney that you’ll be maintaining, you’ll want to go into that purchase with a clear understanding of the state of that system and of what problems might soon become your problems. Although home inspectors usually take a quick look at the chimney during their inspection, good ones will always recommend a video scan inspection by a qualified, certified chimney professional. We’re extensively trained to find flaws and potential fire hazards that could pose issues and bring on major repair costs, in the near or not-so-near future.

Trust Ozarks Chimney Solutions to provide your annual chimney inspection services — our expertly trained technicians know chimney systems inside and out, top to bottom. Contact us or click here to make an appointment!


Getting a chimney inspection or evaluation is one of the basic services we offer for your chimney, fireplace and vent systems. Check it out!

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