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There’s a reason you see the word “solutions” in our name. At Ozarks Chimney Solutions, our aim is to remove the word “problem” from your relationship with your chimney system, by providing comprehensive, trusted service to our clients – from annual maintenance appointments to the times when damage requires unexpected emergency help.

Whether your chimney needs maintenance, repair or restoration, we’re ready to do the job. And if you’re looking to have a brand new appliance installed, our experienced technicians can go over your many different options and help you make a choice that truly suits your needs.

Chimney & Fireplace Services Provided by Ozarks Chimney Solutions

Chimney Sweeping Services

Keeping your chimney’s performance and safety levels high means keeping up with regular chimney sweeping, which removes combustible and potentially flue-constricting creosote, damaging acidic deposits and debris. It’s a good rule of thumb to always have your chimney swept before the heating season begins, but you can also save money (and have more scheduling flexibility) by scheduling your sweeping appointment during the off-season. We provide off-peak discounts from April through August!

Chimney Inspections / Evaluations

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) — which developed the guidelines that certified chimney sweeps follow — states that chimney systems should be inspected and evaluated each and every year. We agree. An annual inspection allows us to find and repair problems when they’re minimal, and to keep your system as safe and efficient as it should be.

Chimney Repair

Our technicians are trained to handle all chimney repairs, from replacing pre-fabricated systems’ chase covers, to relining damaged flues and replacing chimney dampers.

Masonry Repairs

Proper masonry work takes training and expertise, and we employ techs that have both. If you need masonry work done – from chimney crown repairs or replacements to tuckpointing work — contact us.

Chimney And Fireplace Retrofits

Bringing new life to an old fireplace doesn’t have to mean a tear-out and rebuild — fireplace retrofits allow us to install a new unit into your existing space, vastly improving the performance and look. Installing a new appliance to work with an existing chimney usually requires some retrofit work as well (often a new flue liner), and Ozarks Chimney Solutions can help with that as well!

Finding And Solving Chimney Leaks

Keeping water out of your chimney system is a battle, and one that we want to be your ally in. If water infiltration occurs, Ozarks Chimney Solutions technicians can find the source of the leak and make repairs – we can even apply a waterproofing sealant that will help protect your masonry against future leaks.

For all your chimney and fireplace needs, call Ozarks Chimney Solutions at 870-507-0904!


Whether you are thinking about a stove, fireplace or insert, we can sell it, install it and/or repair it. You can trust the professional service at Ozarks Chimney Solutions.

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